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Our history and how we can help.

Established in 2007 with a singular vision to provide an independent source of art research, sales and rental services to the Australian market, Art Index today, has become a force within both the Australian and South East Asian art markets.

Since inception and through the Global Financial Crisis, the Art Index team, under the direction of Sacha Clemens, has developed strong relationships with industry experts, artists and market pioneers. We have emerged as a respected name in the Australian fine art market. This was highlighted in 2010 and again in 2011 when Art Index was named one of BRW magazine’s “Fast 100” emerging companies.

Our team have honed their skills, gaining experience working at the front line of alternative asset investment businesses, leading art investment galleries, financial services companies as well as design consultants and architectural firms. We have developed an extensive network where we source the best available artworks which are in line with our comprehensive internal research processes and at values relevant to independent valuations.

We pride ourselves on selling what our independent panel believe are typical iconic examples of each artist’s work. Art Index is not commercially bound to any individual artist, indigenous or non-indigenous, which allows us to take an open-minded approach to understanding the individual preferences of all of our clients. We offer a specialist service dedicated to finding unique artworks which meet our clients’ tastes.

Our main motivation is the supply of investment quality art to investors, collectors and art lovers alike.

We source works of fine art from only the most collectible emerging rising stars, mid-career & blue chip iconic Australian as well as some of the most globally renowned Asian artists.

Our corporate Rental team has the capability and extensive contacts throughout the corporate marketplace to lease our clients’ artworks to reputable and established organisations. This provides our clients with valuable fixed term, high yielding rental income.

Art Index welcomes you to visit us in our Kent Street gallery where one of our Senior Art Consultants can arrange a dedicated one on one consultation. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Sydney CBD and viewings are by appointment only. Please call us on 1300 55 74 73 or email us at info@artindex.com.au to make an appointment

Buying Art

Art collecting can be an attractive source of alternative investment and diversification. Aside from the simple enjoyment, buying art offers some amazing benefits and Art Index can offer low risk fixed returns of up to 10.25%pa sometimes for up to a minimum of 3 years.

Art is a popular alternative asset and allows great diversification.  Driven heavily by massive successes in the secondary art market auctions overseas in the latter half of the twentieth century, the Australian domestic art market has attracted increased interest in recent years.

Our Team provides information which can help you feel more confident when purchasing artworks which suit your personal preferences and taste.

Who Buys Fine Art?

Our clients come to us with varying degrees of art knowledge, although rarely without investment experience. We aim to offer art market education and guidance to first time art collectors, as well as providing a forum to enhance the knowledge of the more seasoned collector.

The Art Index Team is able to offer works from a wide range of reliable and well documented sources. Our clients are drawn to our transparent art selection techniques, well documented research as well as immediate steady returns offered via our Corporate Rental Program

How Do I Get Started With Art Index?

Easy! Email at info@artindex.com.au or just call us on 1300 55 74 73 and speak with an Art Consultant.

We look forward to you working with a dedicated Account Manager to develop your fine art investment & collecting strategy.



We encourage all our clients to seek  independent  financial, accounting,  investment, and legal advice  from their independent consultants and representatives.  Furthermore, we encourage you to seek independent  research and conduct inspections, inquiries, tests etc.  You should satisfy yourself as to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to you. Current and historical art data, and statements of opinion or presently held beliefs, may prove inaccurate. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance and neither, Art Index, its subsidiaries nor its associated companies either directly or indirectly, can guarantee a capital return.  No information provided should be taken as financial investment advice. You should seek your own independent financial and legal advice. This disclaimer does not exclude any statutory rights you may have which cannot be excluded.