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Renting art is an economical approach for your business or organisation which allows you access to works that you may have previously considered unattainable.

Why Rent Art from Art Index?

We understand the science behind the correct artwork selection to enrich a corporate space.

Art Index’s Corporate Art Consultants use their expertise to help companies place engaging artworks that capture the attention and interest of their visitors.

With access to an extensive selection of artworks, we can tailor a portfolio of artworks in response to specific interior design parameters and budgets. In addition, our portfolio of iconic paintings can promote conversation, expand cultural knowledge and stimulate creativity in the office environment.

Renting art has become a popular and more economical option to enhance the corporate environment without the major cost of renovation or acquisition. We offer clients greater flexibility and diversity in their choice of artwork without having to commit to a permanent purchase.

Art Index has established several partnerships with major asset management companies as well as individual corporations that seek to present a prestigious corporate image to their clients. Take a look at what some of our Corporate clients have said about us.

Contact us to request an obligation free appointment, where one of our experienced Corporate Rental Consultants will discuss with you, your environment, atmosphere, corporate image and budget whilst offering guidance and advice on the Art Index portfolio.

You can either send us your details via email at rentals@artindex.com.au or just call us on 1300 55 74 73 and speak with a Art Rental Consultant.