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Art Index: Your Premier Destination for Corporate Art Rental

Enhance your corporate space with captivating artwork from Art Index. We specialise in providing businesses and corporations with an extensive collection of fine art for rent under contract. Whether you're looking to create an inspiring work environment, impress clients, or add a touch of sophistication to your office, our curated selection of artwork is sure to exceed your expectations.

We take great pride in showcasing the rich heritage and talent of First Nations artists. Our exclusive collection of First Nations art rental offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and cultural significance of Indigenous artwork. From traditional to contemporary pieces, each artwork tells a story deeply rooted in the First Nations' history, traditions, and artistic expressions.

Renting art is an economical approach for your business or organisation which allows you access to works that you may have previously considered unattainable.



Contributing to Reconciliation Through Art Rental

Art Index has partnered with BlockRoo, an Australian Indigenous not-for-profit, to help raise funding in support of the Federal Government’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) by working with their rental customers and contributing part of the revenue from the corporate art rentals.

The collaboration between Art Index and BlockRoo has created a system that allows corporate Australia to identify the direct benefits of their art rentals and the positive impacts on First Nations people via BlackRoo’s Indigenous community development programs.

Businesses and organisations can partner with Art Index and directly correlate their contributions to the Australian Government’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and share in the meaningful work being carried out to advance reconciliation to First Nations people by the BlackRoo team, as referenced in The Market Herald article - Art Index: Bridging the gap between First Nations artists and the Reconciliation Plan.


Cost-Effectiveness of Corporate Art Rental:

  • Affordable Access to High-Quality Art:
    Purchasing artwork outright can be a significant investment. However, with corporate art rental, you gain access to an extensive collection of high-quality artwork at a fraction of the cost. Our rental plans are designed to fit a range of budgets, making art acquisition a feasible option for businesses of all sizes.

  • Eliminate Maintenance Costs:
    Owning artwork involves additional expenses such as insurance, preservation, and restoration. By choosing art rental, you alleviate the burden of these maintenance costs. Our team takes care of all the necessary upkeep, ensuring that the artwork remains in pristine condition throughout the rental period.

  • Flexible and Customisable:
    Our corporate art rental service offers flexibility and customisation to meet your unique requirements. Choose from a diverse selection of First Nations artwork, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, and curate a rotating collection that reflects your organisation's evolving tastes and preferences.

  • Tax Advantages:
    However, it's essential to keep in mind that tax laws and regulations are subject to change, and the specific tax advantages of corporate art rental may vary depending on your country or region. To make well-informed financial decisions, it is advisable to consult with a qualified tax advisor or financial professional who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your business's unique circumstances. Seeking professional advice will help ensure that you maximize the available tax benefits and comply with the latest tax laws, ultimately contributing to your overall financial strategy and success.

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