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I have greatly enjoyed being associated with Art Index since my first art acquisition in 2013. Being a beginning investor in collectible art, it was reassuring to have Elliot Long as my Account Manager as he was able to provide excellent professional advice and assisted me in all stages of the process from initial purchase through to leasing.  I have no hesitation in recommending Art Index to anybody, whether they are novices or experienced investors, who wish to become involved in Art for personal or investment reasons.  It is a pleasure to be involved with an excellent company and its professional staff.

Eric Evans


In early 2014, investigating some investment diversification, we found Art Index. After initial enquiries and with only very limited knowledge of the art market, I was patiently taken through the opportunities and the Art Index process by their representatives.  From an initial investment in one artist, our portfolio has now grown to five,  across an interesting spectrum of Australian art.  Most pleasing is the yield we are receiving, which is currently ahead of most of our other investments.  Another pleasing aspect is our increased interest in Australian art and art in general. It is particularly pleasing to visit galleries and find works displayed by artists within our own art portfolio.   We have no hesitation in recommending Art Index to prospective investors. They have been thoroughly professional in all of our dealings.

David & Clare


La Camara, The Official Spanish-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is very pleased with the services Art Index offers. It was a pleasure to work with Art Index, as their team of professionals offered a great experience to La Camara Members. La Camara organised an event in conjunction with the German Chambers of Commerce and Art Index at the MLC Centre. Art Index provided our guests with a very enjoyable evening in a creative, yet professional environment.

Luisa Monrabal

General Manager

La Camara


In August this year the MLC Centre and Art Index, in conjunction with the Spanish and German Chambers of Commerce, hosted an exclusive art and networking event for MLC Centre tenants and professionals in the local business area. The evening was a great success and enjoyed by those who attended. Art Index carefully selected a diverse range of Australian artworks from their portfolio. These featured bright abstracts to mesmerising landscapes. The artwork provided a strong focal point for the occasion creating a professional yet relaxed social environment which encouraged discussion amongst the guests.  The corporate guests and our tenants and their employees appreciated the refreshing and authentic experience of interacting personally with Australian Artist Mark Hanham who also delivered an entertaining speech about his inspirations and recent travels in Spain.Art Index provided a unique experience for our tenants and I found their team to be organised, professional and passionate about the art. The set-up and de-installation was efficient and discreet. The only real challenge of the evening was encouraging the guests to leave!

Leigh Dunn
Project General Manager
MLC Centre


We have rented two exceptional pieces of art from Art Index, for our reception area and boardroom. These pieces have lifted our space whilst complimenting our modern interior design. This has proven to be an excellent opportunity to have the pleasure of some unique and highly sort after artwork at a very affordable price. Art Index has provided a highly consultative service which was also completely hassle free. We are looking forward expanding our collection in the future.

Andrew McKenna
Springboard Consulting Group


We have always recognised the need for fine art but were not aware that we could lease such quality works until we were approached by Art Index. We were very impressed with their broad catalogue of stock and professional approach from consultation to installation.

TOM Recruitment


Art Index showcased a brilliant exhibition in our Governor Phillip Tower foyer earlier in the year. Not only were there exquisite pieces of art on display for our appreciative tenants, it was the professional and classy approach which was most impressive. This was a seamless process from the initial stages of organisation through to implementation of the event. The minor details mattered, like the live flutist for example, through to wine and cheese being served did certainly set the mood for the event. We look forward to welcoming Art Index again in the near future.

DEXUS Property Group


​I contacted Art Index and found the representatives very helpful and quite knowledgeable about the artwork that I was interested in. I sought to invest in artwork because I was able to rent it out and obtain a good return on my investment. It was also stable unlike the share market, which I also invest in and the capital growth is good. The service given by art Index representatives is excellent and I have found them extremely helpful even after I have finalised my investment with them.

Geoffrey D. Baker


I have been dealing with Art Index Pty Ltd, through their sales representative, Sacha Clemens, for almost a year now. On the occasions when Sacha has contacted me about a particular item, he has been courteous, persuasive and well prepared. The artwork will be in my price range and, increasingly, of a genre in which I am interested. Whenever I have asked questions about the artwork, artist or market, he has been able to provide me with a satisfactory answer, often supported by reference to recent literature. When I have proceeded to purchase, the follow up by Art Index Pty Ltd has been prompt and efficient. Rental payments have made regularly and without fail to my account by direct credit. To the best of my knowledge, Sacha and Art Index provide informed and friendly assistance to anyone who wishes to become involved with the art world and, its even more specialised niche, commercial art rental.

Prof. Keith Fletcher


I have invested in art for many years and enjoy the numerous advantages that come with this style of investment: the capital growth is fairly stable and is withstanding the challenges of the current economic cycle; I lease many of my works to corporates and enjoy monthly rental income; it is a legitimate investment for my super fund and I have ready access to outstanding works. It is also by far my most aesthetically rewarding investment!

Caroline Marsh


I am investing in Art for capital growth and for the love of aboriginal art. I found Art Index through an advertisement in the Age newspaper and I bought myself a wonderful art work using their services. Thank you.

Asaf Lev


As you know I have been using your services since May 08 and in that time I have made 2 significant purchases. The first was an original artwork that attracted me because of your corporate rental and your guaranteed rent return which far out weighs the return any other secure investment could guarantee. The second was purely for my own personal use and was a piece that you would not normally see in a fine art shop and one that most people would not even know where to go looking for it. In both instances I found your services and the process of purchase, insurance, valuation, payment and delivery to be of a high standard and very low hassle. I also found your market information, advice and knowledge (of the pieces and the artists) informative and helpful to me in making a conscious decision. Thanks for your assistance and that of Art Index.

Ian McCubbin


My name is Chris Bouziannis. I have an investment portfolio of properties, shares, small businesses and recently diversified into Art. The reason I have also invested in Art is that I needed to spread my risks of investments and diversified into Art as the returns from rentals are attractive and hassle free and the potential of capital growth over a medium to long period are also attractive. The investment of Art can be a lot safer than other investments as this investment will never go to zero as some of my shares have gone to zero in the last two years. The master of investment is diversity amongst many pieces of art as it’s like owning a selected few blue chip stocks. When you have a selection of good artists, you can enjoy the monthly cash flow from the rental return and the capital growth.



Anybody wishing to find an alternative long term investment will be more than catered for with ART INDEX from day one you will have personal assistance from a very easy going but very astute art dealer / investment advisor. Your rental agreement is continuously looked after, payment is never an issue, I personally was very apprehensive in my first investment but now can’t wait to do my next. My first investment is looking very very promising on top of my 9.5%p/a return. Better than the stock market, no wondering on dividends or share price. P.S 10/10 for Art Index

Scot Postlethwaite


My husband and I looked into Art as an alternative investment. Most of our investments lie in the Rural Industry so we were looking for a way to diversify our interests. The Art market was new to us, but the staff at Art Index are very knowledgeable and professional, helping us to make educated decisions. All my experiences have been positive and I recommend Art Index to others.

Jane Shannon

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