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Art Index Champions Art in Hospitals, Bringing Healing and Hope

Sydney-based Art Index, a respected name in the Australian fine art market, have always valued the therapeutic effects of art. In 2008, Art Index donated Aboriginal artwork to the Aboriginal Health Unit at the Westmead Children’s Hospital. These indigenous pieces gave children a chance to engage with their culture through art in ways that are both uplifting and healing.


Art Index recently formed a partnership with BlackRoo Community Indigenous Corporation, founded by Steve Fordham in 2023. This coalition not only supports First Nation Australians but also helps businesses meet the Federal Government's Reconciliation Action Plan.


They are coming together to open up the opportunity to lease artworks to various NSW hospitals, particularly the children’s ward, to create a more uplifting and calming environment for patients, visitors, and staff. Art Index envisions a future where every children's hospital is a place of not only medical care but also artistic inspiration, where young patients can find solace and joy in the midst of their challenges.

The partnership between Art Index and Blackroo hopes to provide a selection of curated pieces from Art Index's collection, as well as works by Indigenous artists, displayed throughout hospitals. It underscores the transformative power of art in promoting healing and well-being in healthcare settings.


This program is part of Art Index’s current corporate rental program which includes the likes of GPT Funds Management Ltd, Dexus, Jones Lang La Salle and various other large companies that are a part of the reconciliation program amongst other art rental initiatives.

At the right time Sacha would also like to educate children in hospitals about Aboriginal art. Teaching children about Aboriginal art holds immense significance and ignites a passion that stems from a deep respect for culture, history, and creativity.

Art Index, Blackroo Children's Hospitals Network



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